Virtual Email Addresses Available

If you miss that address, here is the next best thing.

To get your new, impressive address, fill in (at least) the first four fields. Then click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page and your request will be mailed of to .

The folks at who generously host have offered to make email aliases available to Cray alumni who are listed on this site. 

The way this works is that you select a name - your_name - and specify your current email address (just one address).  Assuming that your_name hasn't already been assigned, email sent to will be forwarded to where you normally get mail.  No new accounts.  No new passwords. No mail reconfiguration.  Just an impressive, exclusive mailing address!

This is being offered as a "community service" by Being a free service, it is not intended for high traffic volumes, and they reserve the right to limit accounts if necessary.  I thank them for all of their support and generosity.

Your given name: 

Your family name: 

(as it appears on the ExCray list.) 
Your choice for your email name: 

(no spaces or pucntuation, not case sensitive) 
This is the email name to be concatenated with "". 
Your destination email address: 

This is the destination email address to which  your mail will be forwarded.  This account should already exist. 

No automated error checking is being done (yet) so you might want to take a second look.

Comments, stories, news, jokes,... (to ExCray admins)

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This is a community service of the good folks at .