What is ExCray and ExCray.com? Who are ExCray folks?

The term "ExCray" refers only to the company Cray Research, Incorporated and not to any successor company or other follow on organization. Specifically it does not refer to Cray Computer, SGI, Cray Inc or SRC. Cray Research existed from 1972 until June 1996. Most certainly Cray Research (and its predecessors) had great influence these and other companies, however, ExCray refers only to CRI. And we wish all these other companies all the best, especially Cray Inc. if no other reason than sentiment!

ExCray.com is a site that has grown larger and lasted longer than I ever would ever have guessed. And now it's growing yet again with the addition of a list of people who were associated with Cray Research as customers, vendors, partners, friends or in some other similar ways. This addition has come at the specific request of various former customers of CRI. This is a high and unique tribute to a great company and all the people, the "ExCray folks", who worked there over the years.

We started with a simple list of just few Cray Research (laid off) employees who wanted to stay in touch with each other, really just from one department at Cray in Minnesota. But that quickly grew to include people from other parts of the company worldwide. Because of some legal issues relative to the lay off agreement we could not include SGI employees even though they clearly were ex-Cray Research employees. That restriction has long since gone away. Now anyone and everyone who ever worked for or received some type of payment from Cray Research, Inc. as individual employee is eligible for the ExCray list.

This latest expansion will now include people who were customers, users at customer sites (on site or remote), vendors, partners and just plain friends of Cray Research. This will be broadly defined and interpreted so that we can include anyone who feels they have had a strong connection to CRI.

We are looking for (at least) two benefits from this expansion. This will expand the network of connections among people in the computing industry that was begun many years ago. Second we hope to gather as much history and as many stories as possible from people, all the people, who had a part in it.

Cal Kirchhof

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