Bruce Schneider - September 12, 2001

Bruce Schneider passed away on Sept 12 from lung cancer
Posted by Diane Wengelski on September 13, 2001.

The public visitation for Bruce will be Friday, 9/14, from 4:00-8:00 at the White Funeral Home in Lakeville. By Bruce's request, the funeral service itself will be a private ceremony.

White Funeral Home
20134 Kenwood Trail
Lakeville, MN 55044

Bruce's wife, Janell, his daughter, Kylie, and his many close friends thank each of you for your loving thoughts, your kind words, your supportive hugs, and your hopeful prayers. Although not how we would have liked, those prayers have been answered ... Bruce has been healed. The pain has stopped. I'm confident that now it is Bruce seeking to have our pain lessened ... and it will be. Just as we supported each other during Bruce's illness, so too will we support each other through our own healing.

I think the highest tribute that each of us can pay to Bruce this day, and every day, is to hug our children (or friends/spouse) extra tight, and, in Bruce's words ... just "Be glad that you have them."

We should all be very, very proud of Bruce. This terrible disease (lung cancer) held Bruce's body hostage for many months, but in the end, Bruce was in control. The doctors forecast that it would be several very difficult weeks for Bruce. Our fine friend did not listen to them. I believe that just as we joke about Bruce being a "polite drunk" ... he also chose to pass 'politely' away before putting Janell, or any of us, through an agonizing couple of weeks. Once home, he was in control. He spent the day with special friends, then spent the evening relaxing on the porch with his faithful dog Lefty laying at his feet. They watched the sun set. He slept peacefully that night and awoke to watch the sun rise. Janell held him closely as his breaths got further & further apart and then stopped at 6:45. It was just as Bruce would have wanted it. He passed away in his wife's arms with some of his very best friends (Mark & MKay) at his side.

I will miss Bruce greatly ... but am very comforted knowing that his passing was so peaceful.

Memorials are open to your own discretion, but Janell has suggested that given his strong affection for children, perhaps a childrens charity would be appropriate. (e.g. The Children's Cancer Research Fund.)

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