Jim Kiernan - June 2000

Details on the memorial service and visitation for Jim Kiernan from Lynn and Bruce Keller:

MONDAY JUNE 5th is the visitation and memorial service.

Both will be held at St. Jude of the Lake, 700 Mahtomedi Avenue, Mahtomedi. (directions will follow). Visitation is from 10am to 11 am, with the service from 11 am unitl..... Afterwards is a gathering at our home for any and all.

During the memorial service there will be time people can share some reflections. If so inclined, please share. Also, if anyone is interested in reading, there are two scriptures - one Old Testament, one New.... and the family would like friends to do this.

For all those who have asked how they can help, we'd appreciate Monday's gathering being a "potluck" of sorts. It's around lunchtime... so whatever dish (or carryout!) you'd like to share with the group. We also have some beers and wines and pops, so that may be another option.

Jim will be buried back East - near his parents - with a full funeral mass with his family. That date is up in the air as Jim's uncle is near death. The family really needs and appreciates all the support and offers for help.

SUNDAY JUNE 4TH, Bruce and I invite everyone over for a quiet afternoon of reminiscing, meeting Jim's relatives, painting lighthouses in memory of Jim, and collecting/making posters of Jim for the Memorial Service. This too, is a potluck picnic. And anytime after 1. Show up if you want, bring a bike for the Gateway Trail, a suit for the hot tub, whatever.

Our number 651-653-8244 and a map with directions can be found on www.bigoakhill.com. Verbal instructions are:

Highway 694 to Hwy 120 North. (1 exit northeast of the Hwy 36 exit) 120 North to Hwy 244 East (right turn). 244 is also Wildwood Avenue and turns into Mahtomedi Avenue. Follow it about two miles,past the Picadilly and the Three Seasons Drive In. The Church is about a mile fbeyond on the right side, and under construction. There is plenty of parking on the north side of the church in the lot.

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