Wayne Edward Bertsch -15 December 1999

Wayne Edward Bertsch passed away on December 15, 1999

May 1976 - May 1979 Senior Programmer Analyst
CRAY Research Software Development

Developed IO for CFT (Cray ForTran compiler). Authored much of COS (Cray OS), in both kernel and task areas: e.g. install, startup, restart, disk driver, permanent files, timer setting/queuing, traces. Developed CSIM (Cray batch SIMulator) for systems software testing. Worked with Cray engineers on prototype mainframe and disk controller hardware. Served as technical interface and troubleshooter at customer sites, when customers or Cray field service needed technical advice. Often resolved hardware problems, at a Cray lab or a customer site, by putting diagnostic code into COS.

Was temporary AIC at Rutherford Atomic Labs in UK, while Cray UK was forming. Also served at US sites: NCAR, IDA, UCC, LLNL. Gave technical presentations to customers/organizations in US and UK (e.g. British Computer Society, and universities).

Computers were Cray-1, Cray IOP, and Data General 600 and Eclipse.

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