Mike Wahlquist passed away on Oct. 6th, 2006 in his sleep due to complications of diabetes. The Eulogy below is from Robbie Cordo. -dgl-

Date: 10/13/2006

Dear Family and Friends of Mike's,

I have known Mike personally and professionally for 25 years.

Words that describe Mike are:

  • non-judgmental
  • no ego
  • good listener
  • creative
  • funny
  • super competent

Professionally, Mike could do anything he set out to do.  Here are 3 examples:

  • At Cray Research (1981), he was ready to teach a difficult class in 2 months when we had allocated 6 months for his preparation.
  • At Instrumental (1994), a Cray research spin-off, he completed a 9 month software development project in 2 months; allowing us to make a significant sale.
  • At C&P Technologies (2006), his last employer (where I introduced him), I was told by Ron Becker, the CEO, that Mike was "everything I promised...and then some".

In closing, I want to say that Mike was a great friend and a great human being.  I am honored to have been one of his closest friends.



Robbie Cordo

ps:  Mike's web site is still running with many funny cartoons.  It is at: . Here is what his "About Whaletwig" link says:

                                    Whale-Twig is one of several English translations of my Swedish family name Wahlquist (Valkvist in Sweden)

Wahl, Wal, or Val = Whale

Quist or Kvist = Twig

I thought it sounded cool so I chose for my cartoons

Michael Kermit Wahlquist

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